Fara Logistics Pty Ltd. Air, Land & Sea Solutions has been a family business since 2005 with staff that bring contained knowledge of over 25 years. Whether you're transporting one shipment or many, FARA LOGISTICS have the diversity and skill to assist in your requirements. Here at FARA, we will continually strive to develop and use the latest transportation technology and services to make your next delivery as seamless as if it were just right next door.

We believe that our first responsibility is to our clients who depend on us to transport their shipment safely, securely and on time. We understand that the lifeblood of many businesses is the predictable flow of their products and supplies. Not only must our customers' shipments be delivered promptly and accurately, but we must be there for the customer to attend to every shipping detail for them so that they can focus on other aspects of their business without the worries of where their shipment is and when it will arrive.

Fara Logistics Pty Ltd. Air, Land & Sea Solutions motto is WE MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE - POSSIBLE.

At Fara Logistics Pty. Ltd. we enclose a squad of skilled operators and enthusiastic staff.

Hanna Salem
Managing Director

Hanna is the Managing Director of the company. Along with her managerial duties, she ensures she keeps in touch by having a hands-on role in the day-to-day operation of the business.

Wally Salem
Purchasing Officer

Wally is Hanna's right hand man, along with his role of the purchasing officer, he keeps the money flowing throughout the business.

Adam Salem

Adam coordinates the Trucks to ensure the job is done professionally. Adam will assess a job and determine what equipment is needed to complete a job & manage your project to the end, and make sure drivers get home safely.


MOB: 0449 547 268 - 7 Days A Week

OFFICE FAX: 02 9596 1505

EMAIL: info@faralogistics.com